Eugenics vs Social Biology

Would a government ever use euthanasia as a form of population control? The concept is not so outlandish. The problem governments face is convincing people to accept the idea that the elderly and handicapped are expendable.

We needn’t choose between caring for defenseless people and caring for ourselves. The truth is, we can do both, but a mindset is slowly creeping into the consciousness of nations: elderly and handicapped people have no “quality of life.” We would do them, and everyone else a favour if they died.

Consider the cost of keeping these people alive. “Useless eaters,” as the Nazis said.

In Bioethics – the study of ethics in health care, these topics are still debated. The issues did not go away after the end of WWII. Of course, we don’t use use gas chambers. We use a much more civilized method, the needle.

In Canada, euthanasia and physician assisted suicide were recently decriminalized. The language surrounding this issue is being twisted and softened. It is now “assistance in dying” rather than “assisted suicide.” People are being killed now in the name of “compassion.” It’s funny how a simple change in wording can make a horrendous act seem more acceptable.

The word “eugenics” gained a bad reputation due to the Nazis, so the name was changed to “social biology.” Beneath the gentrified terms lurks the same ugly monster.


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