Free Speech?


We don’t have freedom of speech in Canada.

Sure, it is protected as a fundamental right under Section 2 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms: The section affirms that everyone has the following freedoms: conscience and religion, thought, belief, opinion, and expression, including freedom of the press and other media, peaceful assembly and association.

In these days of political correctness and tolerance, we are not free to express ourselves. We have become a country of whiners, too easily offended. Who decides what is offensive? Is a difference of opinion enough to make you unfriend me on Facebook? Perhaps our zeal for zero tolerance for bullying has gone too far. Should people be prosecuted for hurting someone else’s feelings? Have we gotten to the point where people can no longer have a civil conversation or express opinions that differ?

This article from Huffington Post demonstrates how overly sensitive people have become. “All these terms — reasonable limits, hate messages, breach of peace — are subjective terms that are utilized by those who feel it is their duty to enforce political correctness and prosecute anyone who offends them. Yet we have to be careful about legislating offensiveness. Nothing anyone says in inherently offensive. It is not an objective matter. Rather, if someone is offended by anything, it is their own fault. The values they hold, the standards they live by, or the beliefs they hold dearly have been violated, but it was not necessarily the intention of the speaker and they are not necessarily communal values. What insults one person might not even be noticed by another.”

Canada is not unique in restricting free speech. A law in France can impose two years in prison for running pro-life websites.

In this article,, Jonathan Turley states, “Speech is being balkanized into prohibited and permitted areas by redefining speech in terms of its social impact. Increasingly, it seems that the West is re-discovering the tranquility that comes with forced silence. What is fascinating is that this trend is based on principles of tolerance and pluralism — once viewed as the values underlying free speech.”

Political correctness and tolerance are now weapons used to silence others.


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